Cyber Security Trainings and Exercises Infrastructure

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  • It is a simulation environment that provides attaining expertise or competencies and measuring their levels in cyber security
  • System scope:
    • High-level application and operating system low-level software
    • Virtual operating systems
    • Nearly real-time attack & defense models and simulation scenarios
    • Virtualization infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Trainings and Exercises Infrastructure contains vulnerability scenarios and monitors scenarios without any dependencies on participants by means of dynamic measurement.
  • Targets:
    • Creating expertise improvement data bank
    • Creating an infrastructure that measures competencies online in any specialized domain
    • Creating an automated certification infrastructure that will be influenced minimally from human factors
    • Preparing an environment that implements «Measurement of Readiness» and «Measurement of Effectiveness» by attack or defense behaviour analysis


  • Features:
    • Virtual defense and simulation environment with high reality
    • Wide spectrum (support of many protocols and applications)
    • Fast, scalable and modular design
    • Using cyber environments many times by storing environments
    • Measurement, reporting and analytics
    • Regular updating of recent attack and threat scenarios
    • Zero-day vulnerabilities and threat simulation
    • Advanced test scenarios creation
  • Components:
    • Software (low-level, high-level)
    • Virtualization infrastructure
    • Nearly real-time attack & defense models
    • Simulation scenarios


To create a real-time trainings and exercises infrastructure in cyber security domain.