CS CONSULTANCY SERVICES / Malware Analysis Infrastructure

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Nowadays malicious software are not used for only stealing assets or gaining reputation, also retrieving classified information and harming core service access. Most dangerous threats in scope of malicious software are viruses, trojan horses, rootkits and worms.

Developed countries consistently update their defence mechanisms with reserving highly amounts of budget in cyber security. Consequently Cyber Security Institute , Malware Analysis Team is tracing various extensive malicious software and analyzing threats and their characteristics that might harm critical infrastructures and digital assets of our country. Results of these kind of threats and counter measures of malicious activity reports are presented in details with several information sharing platforms or ZYAL (Malware Analysis Lab.).

Advanced Persistent Threats(APT’s) are one of frequently observed m alware types in this decade. Other countries may use this kind of threat in order to get critical information or obtain cyber espionage assets from another nations. This kind of malware generally use Anti Techniques(Anti VM, Anti Static, Anti Debugging) to prevent or harden itself from being analyzed. ZYAL(Malware Analysis Lab)’s Sandboxes can detect this kind of techniques and ease threat analysis procedure.

Cyber Security Institute supports several public and private institutions with topics below:

▪ Malware Analysis Trainings
▪ Malware Detection with ZYAL and presenting detailed analysis report
▪ Metamorphic, Polymorphic and Oligomorphic malware analysis
▪ Advanced Persistent Threat Analysis
▪ Recent malware investigation and acquring threat map