CS CONSULTANCY SERVICES / Vulnerability Analysis Infrastructure

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The continuity of advanced cyber threats, its asymmetricity, increasing complexity and number necessitates increasing the competence of analyzing cyber security vulnerability in institutions. The capacity of Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERTs) needs to be improved to ensure that these analyzes can be carried out continuously, rather than a one-time cyber security analysis with the method of service procurement in institutions. With this study, it is aimed to gain sustainable cyber security vulnerability and APT analysis to CERTs within the organization. The main aim of the study is to enable the institutions to carry out this analysis continuously by operating this infrastructure with their own capabilities.

The Cyber Security Institute provides the following services in this concept:

▪ Cyber Security Assessment
▪ Setting Up Vulnerability Analysis Infrastructure and Competence Transfer
▪ Settting Up APY Analysis Infrastructure and Competence Transfer
▪ Identifying Corporate Roadmap