DIGILAB / Digital Analysis Laboratory Installation and Trainings

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Tasks of this laboratory consist of obtaining images (forensic copy) of digital materials (mobile and / or hard disks) by following the digital analysis processes, data recovery, analysis and evaluation of the received images, installation of the Forensic Analysis Laboratory including hardware and software products, trainings on the process of identification, collection and analysis of digital materials, and reporting to authorities.

▪ Creation of a forensic analysis laboratory infrastructure in which digital evidence investigation can be performed in accordance with laws, regulations and international standards and the hardware and software products can be used effectively
▪ Ensuring effective, reliable, verifiable and sustainability of forensic analysis processes
▪ Operating data recovery, investigation, analysis and reporting processes needed
▪ Ensuring that corporate data remains within the organization by providing solutions within the scope of Information Security Violations, Corporate Data Losses or the requests of Forensic Analysis (Administrative and Inspection) needed in the institutional structure

▪ Establishing a forensic analysis laboratory capable of forensic analysis within the institutional framework and capable of generating reports in accordance with the national and international standards and capable of evaluating the reports on behalf of the institution.
▪ Ensuring that the examination of digital materials containing corporate information to be made within the organization, providing corporate privacy and prevention of information security violations by protecting personal and corporate data
▪ Providing administrative processes, internal and external audits needed during the analysis work to be done within the organization