DLPS / Data Leakage Prevention System

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The National Data Leakage Prevention System, developed to protect corporate data and prevent unauthorized exit or leakage out of instutional boundaries, stands out as one of the biggest security infrastructure needs of the private sector with sensitive data processing civil and military authorities in our country.

The system that monitors network traffic on the enterprise gateway, monitors the data processed on end-user computers, checks the data on server systems at the right locations, and maintains the correct policies and prevents possible data leakage at all locations is being developed with all national capabilities.

The product, which stands out with its Turkish language support and text mining features, is distinguished from its competitors in terms of performance. The system, which can be updated for the specific needs of institutions, is integrated with other security products developed by Cyber Security Institute.

▪ Web-based adjustment from a singular center
▪ Ability of agents to work online and offline
▪ Control data transfer to portable media like USB memory, CD, DVD etc.
▪ Check text and file transfer in HTTP / S, SMTP, and FTP protocols
▪ File servers, web servers, and database server-specific controls
▪ Prevent data leaks from taken screenshots
▪ Identify sensitive data at index, file, paragraph and expression level
▪ Centralized monitoring and reporting of data leakage event log

▪ Development with national facilities, technological independence
▪ Based on corporate software development practices
▪ Turkish language support and morphological analysis ability in Turkish
▪ Detection of sensitive data by text mining
▪ The use of precise definitions for data specific to Turkey
▪ Operating system drivers level control
▪ Minimal load handling with acceptable levels of resource utilization