SORT / Cyber Space Trap System

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Cyber-attacks to various countries in the recent years is an indicator that Internet has become a battlefield. Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention System is based on detection of threats by systems implemented at critical network connection points and activating defense mechanisms on all systems to block the threats and is a major actor of the cyber defense. The system consists of distributed cyber traps, distributed attack detection systems, virtualization systems and central management system.

This system can be customized in accordance with the requirements and can be used by organizations which have distributed network architecture.


  • Capability to work with different trap systems supporting different network layers
  • Distributed trap systems infrastructure
  • Low cost trap system router device usage
  • Management of thousands of trap systems by Cyber Trap System Management Interface
  • Rule management of all attack detection systems from a single point
  • Scalable architecture
  • Powerful virtualization infrastructure and management
  • Classification of detected harmful software by Harmful Software Screening System
  • Integrated Harmful Software Dynamic Analysis Environment
  • Monitoring of all logs by powerful log collection infrastructure
  • Detection of harmful software distributed via e-Mails by unwanted e-Mail analysis
  • Detection of harmful activities with blacklists
  • Introduction of new rule sets to the filtering systems with the capability of generating new blacklists
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Integrated operation with Centralized Cyber Threat Sensor System (STAMPS)