STAMS / Centralized Cyber Threat Sensor System

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One of the biggest problems of corporate networks dispersed to multiple locations is monitoring and reacting to cyber threats in real-time from system center. Cyber attacks targeting any node on the corporate network can  be detected immediately with the Centralized Cyber Threat Detection System, which is developed for this specific purpose. Installing attack detection systems on the critical nodes of the corporate network lets you monitor the cyber attacks targeting the whole network from a single center. Installed attack detection systems can be configured/managed centrally. System can be customized due to requirements of corporations working on a distributed network architecture.


  • Distributed attack detection system infrastructure
  • Monitoring all logs from a single point, featuring cyber-threat detection interface
  • Scalable architecture
  • Monitoring all logs from a single point with the underlying log fusion layer
  • Detecting malicious activities in real-time with blacklist and cyber-threat intelligence support
  • Creating new blacklists to define rule lists for filtering systems
  • Advanced report module (PDF, HTML, XML, Json)
  • Centralized IDS configuration/management module
  • Real-time monitoring of the logs
  • Geographic awareness map that is being updated in real-time
  • Integrated operation with Cyber Space Trap System (SORT)